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The Midwest's Largest
Processor of Fresh Salmon

Boston Fish Market of Des Plaines, Illinois processes over 200,000 lbs. of Fresh Salmon each and every week. We offer processing to exact specifications, utilizing the world’s most advanced technology and a full-time team of highly-trained, experienced fish mongers. Whether Farm-Raised or Wild, Alaskan King, Alaskan Chum, Alaskan Coho, Alaskan Pink, Alaskan Sockeye, Scottish Salmon, Tasmanian Salmon, Whole or Filleted Salmon, we can process to fit your particular needs.

The Midwest's Largest
Processor of Whitefish

Boston Fish Market processes over 100,000 lbs.of fresh Whitefish per week. Our operation works very closely with the very best commercial harvesters throughout the Great Lakes Region. We receive fresh Whitefish from our supply-chain each and every day, making our Whitefish the freshest available in the marketplace. From there we process and supply the Midwest’s leading wholesalers as well as the most discriminating eateries nation-wide.