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After King Crab season, but before Salmon Season starts in earnest, the Alaskan fishing fleets set their sights on this greatest of the flatfish.  Halibut can grow to enormous size, and unlike many other fish the quality of the flesh doesn’t noticeably decline as reach great sizes.   Halibut seem designed to be filleted, and yield great, long, firm, somewhat fatty (in the good sense) fillets,  which would probably be designated loins, if not so beautifully milky white.  Versatile.  It can be baked, fried, broiled, or even grilled (if care is exercised), and is sometimes even smoked.   The slender ends of fillet are often poached, and it can be used for sushi.  Many fish connoisseurs place halibut in the very top tier.

Whole H and G 8459471

Whole HG 10.20 Lbs

Fillet BLSL RAW FRESH 4088480

SKON Alaskan RAW 8317778

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