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Sea Scallops U10

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Product Description

Sea Scallops U10 CT NTRL RAW

Scallops U10 CT REF DRY Sushi Grade

Dry packed scallops are wonderful, because they are not packed in any kind of preservative that causes them to absorb water and lose flavor.  Top chefs will use only dry packed.  The U10 designation means that they are 10 or fewer to the pound, which means that just a few of them make a substantial meal, and the creamy, rich flavor is all there.  Many people have forgotten what real scallops taste like.  Learn again why you loved them.  Great on the grill, but oil them up well, because you won’t want to lose any.

The 10 to 20 count are great, too, but best baked or broiled.  If you’re pan-frying, use bay scallops.

Live Ocean Scallops U10 DR

Dry-packed scallops are good, but live are fabulous.  Is there extra effort involved?  Yeah, but it’s worth it.  Try with a mild horseradish or (very) mild wasabe sauce on the side.  Larger scallops are great stuffed with a little crab meat.

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